HB-Optical / China

HB-Optical specializes in optical coating process technology research and development and production of optical thin film products, in the design and manufacturing technology of interference filters and optical reflectors, it has always been a domestic leader.

HB-Optical has developed more than a dozen series of filters and reflectors products with more than 1,000 specifications and models. The products have passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification. Among them, the main products such as ultraviolet-visible-near infrared spectrum narrow-band interference filters, biochemical filters, fluorescent optical filters, gradient density filters, spherical and aspheric mirrors occupy a large share of the domestic market, and the products are exported for more than 40 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, India, and Israel. 

In addition, HB-Optical has built two professional ultra-purified optical coating production lines of precision interference filters and precision optical reflectors. There are more than 20 optical coating machines of various types, equipped with modern optical testing laboratories, including PE Lambda900, Varian Cary300, Cary6000i, Cary7000 and other large-scale precision optical test instruments, which can detect the spectral characteristics of far ultraviolet (as short as 200nm) to mid-infrared (as long as 50μm).