Pyrex Borosilicate & Quartz Tubes / Rods

לשים פה תוכן עניינים 

Micro Optics

Our extensive range of Pyrex Borosilicate includes tubing, capillary and rod. All Borosilicate items are available with different shapes, diameters, and lengths.



Profile Tubing 

Cover Leaf 

Four Petals

Six Petals 

Six Pointed Star

Oval Tubes 

Triangular Tubes

Inside Profile Tubing 

Flat Petals 

Eight Petals 

Ten Petals 

Inside Profile Tubing 

Profile Capillaries 

Flat Capillaries 

Flat Scalloped Capillaries 

Triangle Capillaries

Profile Rods

Flat Rods 

Triangle Rods

Square Rods 

Semicirular Rods

Flat Scalloped Rods 

Triangle Rods