Millennium Optical System (MOS) / S. Korea

MOS started as a professional manufacturer of super precision optical components like projection TV on the first day of the Millennium. 
MOS is a professional manufacturer of optical components from all materials Fused Silica, CaF2, all optical glasses, ZnSe, Germanium and Silicon for all wavelength range UV-VIS-IR. 

MOS produces very accurate prisms,  lenses, windows, filter, mirrors and so on which used in many industries such as defense, electricity, telecommunication, electronics, optical research institutes.
MOS’s precision optical components are related to major industries such as space equipment, core parts for defense, advanced medical equipment, laser equipment, core parts for precision instruments, semiconductor equipment, etc.  

MOS has the know-how and technology in the super precision polishing field. MOS does all type of coating in house such as: AR, Reflective/ Transmissive, Mirror High Reflectivity and Filters. 

MOS has a partnership with leading companies in the world with its continuous development and efforts, and they will strive to develop their technology with ‘quality satisfaction’ as their top priority.