Vitron / Germany

Vitron / Germany – Vitron was founded in 1991 from Jena (Germany). Vitron is a specialized supplier and producer of: 

  • Materials and components for IR optics such as CVD Zinc Sulfide (regular grade – FLIR & multispectral grade – CLEAR) and Chalcogenide Glasses. 
  • Chalcogenide Glasses (IG) – Glass melting according to customer specification.
  • Vitronit – Machinable glass ceramic for engineering and medicine.

There are two forms of supply. The first form is semi-finished: Cut to Size Blanks (CTS), Sufficient Material To Yield (SMTY), Generated Lens Blanks or other shapes by customer request.

The second form is optical components: Windows, Lenses, Prisms, and other optical parts according to customer specification. AR coatings are available on customer request.

Vitron focuses their commitment and creativity on high-quality products and excellent service for their customers.